Fundamental research (Physics)

How Physics can help us reach our goal

Fundamental Physics research directions

This section describes the types of Physics research supported by The Infinite Energy Initiative. If you have any other ideas, feel free to contact us.

  1. Direction 1: Answering the question “Where in known physics could we find a source of infinite energy?”.
  2. Direction 2: Answering the question “If an infinite source of energy existed, what constraints would that impose on known & unknown physics, and how could we test these constraints?”.
  3. Direction 3: Research directly related to finding infinite energy.
  4. Direction 4: Research related to sources of energy we could use for finite amount of time (while we search for a infinite source of energy)


  1. For direction #1, examples of research work would be surveying Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity for places where the math at least, allows for infinite energy to be accessed.
  2. For direction #2, examples of research work could be the development of Mathematical theorems (similar to Noether’s theorem, but concerning infinities, not symmetries). Research into string theory, with the purpose of finding infinite energy could also be an example.
  3. For direction #3, traversable wormholes and warp-drives could be a good research topic. Also, research on whether the universe is infinite, or on parallel universes can be considered.
  4. Direction #4 is a support plan for the other directions. It is conceivable that we find that all our energy sources will run out before we find an intinite one. If this is the case, it makes sense to find another source of finite energy that will support our society, while we continue to try searching for an infinite source.