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We are aware this sounds completely insane

Live forever, or die trying.

Yes, this sounds insane. Physics has been extremely clear on the law of conservation of energy so far. However, since Physics has not yet provided us with a complete understanding of the Universe, we think it’s our moral obligation to look for a source of infinite energy. This will allow our civilization to continue in some form, forever. This gives us a powerful sense of meaning. More about this, here.

Why do we think infinite energy is possible?

One reason to hope is because the Universe exists. Let us not forget that the world we live in has no currently known origin. Whatever caused the Big Bang, or even if it caused itself, is a reason to believe that this process could be reproduced, controlled and mastered, maybe even an infinite amount of times.

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The limits of sustainability
The limits of sustainability

Sustainability is an important idea. Superficially, it makes a lot of sense, but ultimately, whether we’re consuming energy or resources slowly or fast, we’re going to run out of them at some point.

Why we want infinite energy
Why we want infinite energy

Here are some reasons why we think an endless source of energy would be a good thing.

Isn't it impossible to obtain infinite energy?
Isn't it impossible to obtain infinite energy?

Though we have reasons to believe infinite energy would be impossible, they are not convincing enough for us to stop trying. Endless energy’s benefits are so huge, that we should try to obtain it at the very least up to the point where it’s clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that it’s impossible to get.