Funding models

How we plan to fund research

This section describes how we plan to help researchers get funds.

Funding models

All of these funding models are currently unavailable, but we’re working hard to make them real.

  1. Through other institutions
  2. By awarding grants
  3. By directly hiring researchers


  1. Funding through other institutions happens when The Infinite Energy Initiative convinces other institutions to fund areas of research listed here . When that happens, The Infinite Energy Initiative could assist researchers in applying for grants to those institutes which have allocated funds for those research directions. This funding model is currently not available, but it is our current area of focus.
  2. Directly awarding grants works by having researchers create research project proposals, and apply for grants directly to The Infinite Energy Initiative. We will then evaluate the projects, and award grants accordingly. This funding model is currently unavailable, and though our current focus is to work with other grant awarding institutions, this model might be available at a later point
  3. Funding research can also be done when The Infinite Energy Initiative hires researchers directly (as temporary or permanent employees) with the purpose of doing research in the directions mentioned here . At the moment, this model of funding is unavailable. We’re working on making it real, but keep in mind, our current focus is to work with the help of other institutions.